Any organization which prints paper documents as part of its computerized business process in order to have them signed for legal/regulatory purposes or just as an act of consent.



To cut paper related overhead expenses (increase the bottom line), create a more modern and efficient customer experience (increase the top line), and for the sake of saving the trees that are being cut down just for feeding paper “predators” – named printers.



Just look around your business environment. Wherever you find paper generators, is a spot to be looked at and reviewed as a potential for replacing the printers with Concord.EE.



Today! It is really so simple to make it happen. Concord.EE is simple to install and easy to use. So download it, install it and start your paper saving journey now.


If you are still printing e-documents just for the sake of having them signed by handwritten signatures, stop! There is no reason to keep on doing this anachronistic, time consuming task, unless you really enjoy spending time for the sole purpose of “the paper touch”. If not, it’s time to make a change!
Concord.EE enables you to eliminate paper documents generated during a digital business process, for the purpose of being signed by the parties involved in the transaction (as an act of consent for legal / regulatory purposes).
No matter what the source systems / applications are or what the file-format of the original e-document, just feed the e-document into Concord.EE it will be converted to PDF and then presented for review before signing. Electronic handwritten signatures which are digitally sealed can then be captured anywhere desired or pre-positioned in the e-document, using one of the many signing-devices which are supported by Concord.EE
Complimentary documents, such as a driving license or ID card can be embedded into designated places in the e-document or attached to it, using a PC / tablet / smartphone camera or scanner. And guess what, stamping the document is also available!
So FORGET PRINTING-FILING / SCANNING-KEYING-ARCHIVING and all the additional overhead tasks related to printer and paper handling or the tedious tasks needed to convert paper documents back from analog to digital.
Now you can stay digital all the way! Just click “Download” and you’re all set.
Welcome to the Concord.EE way!
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WinPC – Dual Screen Native Support

Conord.EE was designed to support a typical POS configuration in which the CSR workstation is a WinPC. In order enable a client to review and sign any e-document, connect a secondary USB display (10” (A5) or more), with an EMR digitizer panel & Electronic Pen, or a Touch Panel with a stylus instead. Concord.EE enables the CSR and the customer to share the e-document view and with some devices, to work separately without interfering, unless it is requested.

Standalone Win Tablet with Mediator Server Module

In this mode Conord.EE is installed on a Windows Tablet with a Touch-Screen with / without an Active Stylus or an EMR digitizer with Elec. Pen. Another module – the Concord.EE mediator module is a server side module, which manages the routing between the core business systems (which generate the documents “to be printed”) and the Win Tablet which is assigned to the CSR workstation that generated the document. When the tablet is in stand-by it can be used as POS signage device, and present marketing information, etc.

The Concord.EE Tablet can be used as a Kiosk, serving any of the CSR’s, in this case the customer will be provided with a one-time-password or any unique ID which will be required to fetch the documents that need to be reviewed and signed by the identified person.

Smartphones with QR code readers can be used in order to facilitate the identification process and automate it making it more customer-friendly.



Server – Thin Terminals support with Digitizer Pad

In system’s environments where Windows Desktop Virtualization is used (with MS T/S or Citrix server), with Thin Windows Clients installed at the CSR POS, where “a simple pad” is the desired signature capture device, Concord.EE is installed on the server side with a small-footprint module on the Thin Client, enabling the capture of hand-written signatures to e-documents which are presented in the virtual Conord.EE application window.

Batch Digital Signing of multiple PDF documents

Concord Enterprise Edition enables digital signing (seal & stamp) of a batch of PDF files with an Advanced or Qualified Electronic Signature.
Main Features:

  • Flexible selection of the list of files to be signed including: single files, group of files and entire file folders.
  • Assignment of a default input-output folder.
  • Multiple signature page-layouts (templates).
  • Dynamic document-template association on-the-fly.
  • Multiple graphical stamping images and selectable default stamp.
  • Selectable default Digital Certificate (per batch session).
  • Support of Advanced Electronic Signature and Qualified Electronic Signature.
  • Online reporting of the batch signing progress.
  • Online batch summary report.
  • Enablement of customized signature process using plug-in’s.